Today, there are various ways to prepare for your family’s financial future: from savings accounts to mutual funds, stocks, RESPS and real estate. Some people might even store their money in their socks. But one distinctive way of helping you secure a financial future is through land acquisition. Small or large lots, bought at affordable prices and convenient terms.

Our unique system allows people with a budget of any size to acquire land in Canada or the United States in small and often more rural communities. Given current real estate prices, and the high levels of increase even during the last five years, many people today are thinking they can’t afford to buy either house or land. If they already own a house, they’re just barely making the payments. If they’re renting or living with family, they think their first step in real estate has to be to buy their first house. But our system takes another approach.

Investment propertyAFFORDABLY PRICED FOR PROFIT               

Almost anyone can own a piece of land through this system. We buy cheaply priced land mostly in rural areas where there’s no major development and where prices and taxes are still reasonable. And we sell them at below market value, which gives you a profitable starting point. Some building lots can be owned for under $15,000 .


If you buy and hold it for 5-10 years, you would have paid it off, and its value should increase favorably. Whether you choose to sell it to pay for your retirement travel or your children’s education, build your retreat home in your later years, or make it a great legacy gift to your offspring,

For people who have limited funds, we have programs that allow them to pay monthly over 24-48 months. At the end of that period, they own the land outright.

You can start today to build a future through land ownership.


  • You can pay cash or buy on monthly terms for a term on one to three years.
  • Buying on terms means you don’t have to qualify for a bank loan.
  • With good planning, you can own land you didn’t previously own within one to three years.