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How To Buy Tax Sale Properties: A Canadian Guide

Written in simple language, the book, How To Buy Tax Sale Properties: A Canadian Guide, is a quick read. Despite this, it offers lots of helpful details on sales across Canada. One chapter provides information on the city of Miami, Florida. However, most of the examples in the book highlight the province of Ontario.

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TESTIMONIALS:                                                                                                  “Beverly Browne shines a light on….. the little-known, little understood world of tax  sales.”   –  Jeff Oberman, President,

It was very informative and clear; a wealth of helpful yet unique information and knowledge.”  – A.P. Kelly, Lawyer

It is a very informative/valuable book, dedicated to an interesting subject. Glad I made this small investment in your book.  – Magdi Mikhail, Real Estate Broker

“Beverly’s personal examples and simplified explanations of the process gave me the confidence to bid on a property.  I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in a comprehensive guide to buying tax sale properties in Canada.”    – J.F.,  Real Estate Investor

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